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What We Are About

What We Are About

What is The Church at GrantsMill about? What is our mission, vision, and our purpose for existing? It is our conviction that Jesus has given us our mission. Our mission is His mission and His mission was to make disciples, start a movement and change the world. Jesus spent about 3 years with 12 men started a movement of disciple making that changed the world. We believe that God has called us to continue that movement by being obedient to his words, “go and make disciples.” Our mission, what we are about, is to be a disciple making church. To make disciples who act, speak, think, live and love like Jesus. For those disciples to multiply and make other disciples who make disciples. Our path to accomplish this is found in four words.


Come and see and encounter the Jesus we worship and the Jesus that lives in us. Come and hear the message of hope, grace, forgiveness that is found only Jesus Christ. Get to know us and Jesus in our worship.


Come and follow Jesus by getting involved in a small group. Jesus started a movement and changed the world through a small group called the 12 disciples. Small groups are powerful and life changing. Our small groups are where you get connected to others and begin to develop and grow as a disciple.


At some point we desire for people to get involved in serving God by serving people. We want people to become fishers of men by getting involved in serving God by serving all people.


Ultimately, we want followers of Christ to go and make disciples. To invite people to worship, to walk with them through disciple making and for them to go and do the same.

What is The Church at GrantsMill about? We are about connecting to people where that are, loving them, inviting them to come and worship, to grow, to become a follower of Christ, to become fishers of men by serving all people, and for the to go and make disciples.