Join us each Sunday morning for Small Groups 9:45am and Worshp 11:00am

Children's Ministry

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Is a place where children can come and learn about God through teaching, worship and fun activities on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

Our prayer is that each child will come to know and trust Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. That they will develop a passion and grow in their relationship with God so that they may share His word in their everyday life, bringing others to Christ.

To encourage our kid's develop a passion and to help them learn more about God, we have the following activities available . . .


  • Sunday School @ 9:30am

  • Children's Time, Tithe &
    Worship @ 11:00am

Our kid's participate in a children's time, sing praise songs and have a special tithe with the adults at the beginning of the adult worship service. After tithe, we leave the adult worship service to attend Children's Worship, where we dig more into the morning message through story time, questions or activities. All to reinforce and meaning of the lesson of the week.

The time in worship service is a time to worship God but it helps us teach our kid's how to behave in church so they will know how to act in the adult service as they grow out of Children's Worship.

Kid's are encouraged to bring their Bibles every Sunday. Bringing their Bible earns them a chance to be the Leader or Bible holder for "The Pledge to the Bible" we do every Sunday in Children's Worship (Plus a visit to the treasure box is a little extra encouragement we provide to develop this great habit).

Why do we encourage them to bring their Bibles every Sunday? If we can encourage them at a young age to bring their Bible to Church, then we will develop a great habit as they grow. We learn how to use the Bible by looking up scripture.

Why do we say "The Pledge to the Bible" every Sunday? We believe the pledge itself answers this question..."I pledge to the Bible God's Holy word. That I will make it a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and hide it's words in my heart that I may not sin against God".

We believe if they carry their Bibles often and remember the pledge, then they will learn, they can go to God's word for all the answers to life's challenges.